We need volunteers of any age over 18 to help provide KYP services throughout York & the surrounding areas. As a volunteer you will be given guidance and support and be fully protected by insurance provided by KYP. Pet support activities include dog walking, animal feeding or short term fostering and we always consult our volunteers about their preferences and availability before introducing them to a pet. 

Please note that if you are interested in volunteering for pet support activities, you will be dealing with vulnerable people on a ‘one to one’ basis, you will need to provide references and we will also arrange for you to have a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service – the new name for a CRB check). There is also a two-stage induction training programme to complete and, for those wanting to foster an animal, a home visit is required.

We also need help with fundraising and publicity. We have groups that meet and communicate regularly and are always looking for new and innovative ways of raising money and publicising our work. You are welcome to join us and bring your own skills and ideas.

If you would like to find out more, please visit the “Downloads” page, click on “Volunteer Application”, download and complete the Initial Application Form and email it back to us. We will then contact you for a chat about our current vacancies and what’s involved.


You may not be aware that if you use your own vehicle for driving in connection with an unpaid volunteering role you do need to inform your insurer to make sure you are covered by your regular motor insurance policy. The majority of insurers will not charge extra for thisbut they do need you to inform themof your volunteering roleand they may ask for an approximate indication of the number of miles you expect to do annually whist volunteering, to satisfy themselves that this is a true voluntary and occasional role. Unfortunately we are not able to do this on your behalf as it is the vehicle owner who must provide the information to their insurer but in most cases a quick phone call or email to your insurance company should be all that is needed. However, if you have any difficulties please let us know and we can investigate your provider’s general guidelines with the Association of British Insurers.

Where animals are being carried, they must be suitably restrained in the vehicle so they cannot distract or injure the driver, or themselves, if the vehicle stops quickly.  All animals, when being carried, must be kept in a suitable container such as a basket or carrying cage or, if the vehicle is appropriate, in an adequate metal-guarded section at the back of the vehicle. AUKY provides suitable restraints/pet carriers which a driver must collect before collecting the animal to be carried.

Drivers using their own vehicles for work purposes must have no more than 6 points on their driving licence.