‘I don’t know how Daisy and I would have managed without the help and support of Keep Your Pet over this past year. I think it’s clear that without your help my only option would have been to give her back to Dogs’ Trust: which would have been awful for her, especially given her age and insecurities’

‘Since I have been ill, Jill has benefited so much from her walks with Julie. I was heartbroken when I couldn’t walk her, it was so sad to see her looking at me when she wanted a walk. I was even considering letting her go and the thought broke me up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help’

‘My father had fostered a retired racing greyhound some years ago. She (Jenny) has been his ‘wing dog’ and beating heart at home since my mother has been in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. My father was taken ill and admitted to hospital suddenly. Unfortunately Jenny did not settle with my brothers dogs nor they with her. We were stuck! Keep Your Pet (Bev and her team) have been fantastic, quite frankly I do not know what we would have done without them. Within days Bev had found a foster home with Helen and Henry her dog. It will hopefully afford my father the choice to have Jenny home once he is sufficiently recovered. Helen is providing Jenny with a loving home, good walks, diligent care, fun and love. Helen has very kindly offered to take Jenny across town to see my father now he is convalescing at home. What a gold star service providedby dedicated and caring individuals. We are eternally grateful to you all. Thank you’

`This was a `life saving’service in an emergency situation where the family were unable to immediately respond because of location. Without Keep Your Pet an already timid, traumatised and bewildered dog would have faced kennels or worse and instead she was given a caring home with tlc to get her over the worst of being taken from her home and her owner until such time as a permanent re-homing could be achieved. We could not have hoped for more help and assistance in a pretty bad situation. The patience of those who went to collect this poor animal was magnificent!

Jenny with her duck