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Help For Pet Owners

We know pets are an important part of their owner’s lives and we are here to provide short term support when older or vulnerable people in the greater York area need help to look after their animals during times of ill health or other difficulties. This might be fostering while the owner is in hospital, dog walking when they are not able to get out and about or transporting their pet to vet if they do not have access to suitable transport.


Our services


  • Dog walking
  • Visiting to feed an animal
  • Taking an animal to the vet
  • Short term (and sometimes longer-term) fostering for dogs
  • Collecting pet food and medications
  • Advice and signposting to other AUKY services or other organisations

Our services are provided by trained and checked volunteers and are free, although we do ask that owners cover the costs of items such as pet food, equipment and veterinary treatment and we welcome any donations to help us continue and expand our services.


Planning Ahead

We aim to offer help as quickly as possible, but we are not an emergency service and encourage owners to talk to us before they need help so that they have the reassurance of knowing what support we can provide. Animals need to be visited and registered with us before we can provide help, so if you or someone you know might benefit from help in the future, please contact us for more information. Anyone is welcome to contact us but agreement to the terms and conditions of our services will normally be required from the pet owner unless there are special circumstances which prevent this.


Ring us on 01904 933636

We will then contact you to find out more, discuss what help we may be able to provide and arrange a home visit as appropriate.


We are not able to provide help while owners are on holiday and cannot normally arrange adoption or rehoming.


We encourage all owners to plan for the future whenever possible and can offer support and guidance to contact other organisations who may be able to help.