These are some of the pets we have helped:

Rachel taking Jess for walks. Jess is Brian and Barbara Whur's dog. Brian is in hospital and Barbara has mobility issues. Brian is one of KYP's long time supporters and you will have seen him at events playing his mouth organ.

Meet T (left) & J (right). These two lovely dogs have been enjoying some much-needed walks with KYP volunteers. As their owner explains: “The volunteers were lovely with my two dogs. It was a major relief knowing that they would get a good walk as I was unable to walk them myself due to a knee op and bad back.

“I could not afford to pay anyone for this and usually I am the carer so have always sorted everyone else out so it was very strange being helped, but I appreciate it so much. I have been suffering with depression and anxiety and an extra benefit was to speak to strangers, but ones I knew were “safe” because of your charity. Your visits also helped me get better by giving me time to do my physio without two furry helpers!”

Their owner is now well on the road to recovery but has recently had to have some remedial surgery so KYP are back helping out with a few more walks for T&J. So far eight different KYP volunteers have been involved with these two friendly dogs and it’s great to know they have all helped make such a difference.

Remembering Jake
Jake’s owner was one of KYP’s first clients and over the years he enjoyed several fosterers and quite a few walks with many of our volunteers. He became a bit of a poster boy for Keep Your Pet, attending all our Annual Dog Walks and appearing in several newspaper features about us. You will also find him on our Facebook page, along with some lovely comments from his owner and her family. Jake died earlier this year, after a long and happy life, but his larger than life personality, not to mention his multicoloured wardrobe of doggie jackets, are remembered fondly by many of us and we’re glad we were able to help keep him and his owner together. 

Helped during lockdown

This old fellow's owner has been a client for a while with a KYP volunteers on occasions going out for a walk with both owner and pet to make sure they have exercise. During the lockdown his owner had to go into hospital, and he was fostered for a week. They are now reunited.

Barney- described by his volunteer dog walker

Barney is a ray of sunshine regardless what's happening in the world. It's a good job I like the rain, because he doesn't care how wet it is, he's always excited to go out walking. He loves to explore, and loves meeting new people and dogs. He doesn't understand why we need to keep a distance from others right now, but he's easy to distract! Walking Barney helps me to slow down and appreciate the plants and weather on our walks. He's so joyful, it always rubs off on me. 

One  of our wonderful volunteers took Tinkerbelle to the vets for an urgent appointment as her owner was self isolating.
Tinkerbelle- One of our wonderful volunteers took Tinkerbelle to the vets for an urgent appointment as her owner was self isolating.