Catwalk 2020

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Overall winner – Seren;

2nd- Daisy; 3rd- Lily

Caption winner- Mirror, mirror on the wall

Crazy cat pose- Agatha Christie

Thanks to all who participated and donated to help us raise £405

With special thanks to our supporters in Ottawa.

Agatha Christie posing with her Rosette for the Crazy Cat pose

Do yo or friends and family have a feline companion you would love to show off? Send in a photo and a caption and we will let them do that on line.

Clients, supporters & any pet owners are invited to submit photographs of their cats (and other small furry or feathered friends) with or  without their owners, along with a minimum donation of £5 per entry. Multiple pets from the same household can be entered for the same fee. KYP will create a ‘Catwalk’ on this website & on the Keep Your Pet social media pages. Photos will also be submitted to the press.

Other activities are also on offer:

  • an owner/pet lookalike competition

  • a `Crazy cat pose’ competition. Have you a photo of your cat or small pet showing off or in a death defying situation? 

  • where a caption to the photo has been supplied this will be entered into the caption competition

Entries will be judged by Jonathan Cowap of Radio York. Winning entrants will receive a virtual and (in time) a real rosette.

How to enter

Entries should be sent between 23 August and 13 September 2020 to One photo of a cat (or other small pet), with a suitable caption and/or a photo of your cat doing something crazy. Photos in jpg format please.

Entries will need to be accompanied by a minimum £5 donation. Donations can be made through or by cheque payable to Age UK York (Marked Keep Your Pet on the back) and sent to the Age UK York 70 Walmgate, YO1 9TL (Marked KYP on the envelop). Name and address to be included so that receipt can be acknowledged.

The names of entrants need to be stated in the submission email. It will be assumed that there is approval for the picture to be posted online & published in the media, unless otherwise stated. An address for the postage of rosettes should be included in the event of the entrant achieving one of the top three places.

Further information from: 07592547326 ,, Like Keep Your Pet on Facebook, Follow @keepyourpet on Twitter

Terms & Conditions 

KYP clients, supporters & all other cat owners are invited to submit photographs of their cats, with or without their owners, along with a minimum donation of £5 per entry.   KYP will create a ‘Catwalk gallery’ on its website & social media pages, & photos will also be submitted to the press.

The £5 entry fee covers the entrant to submit photographs for the gallery and taking part in any and all competitions.

Prizes will be awarded to winners and runners-up in each category.

All entrants must be 18 years or older.

Any photograph submitted should show cats only or cats with adults. No photograph will be accepted if it shows children or other vulnerable persons.

Photographs will only be accepted if there is evidence of the receipt of the £5 entry fee (or any amount greater than £5).

Competitions will be judged by a representative nominated by Keep Your Pet. The Judge will always have the final decision and no entrants should attempt to influence the judge.

Captions submitted for the Caption Competition must be no longer than 10 words.

Keep Your Pet reserves the right to edit or refuse any photograph that might be thought to cause offence.

Alfie observes social distancing rules